The Ariel Foundation Inc

“Ariel” provides financial assistance to Latin-American cultural organizations, non-profit institutions, and individual Latin-American artists, promoting development of artistic expressions throughout the region. It assists young artists to further their education through scholarships at notorious schools for the arts in the United States, also cooperating in the promotion and programming of venues where these artists might be able to perform. “Ariel” also plans and promotes cultural events and artistic performances throughout the Americas, particularly in the United States, to create and expand awareness of Latin-American art, and to promote a deeper understanding between North American and Latin-American cultures.


The Uruguayan writer and author, José Enrique Rodó, created the mystical character of “Ariel” for his play of the same name. Here, “Próspero”, a teacher, addresses a group of students who represent Latin America’s youth, for the last time. In his rather lengthy speech, Próspero speaks to the fixed gaze of the statue of Ariel, the Shakespearean symbol used by Rodó, to emphasize to his audience the value of the ideals of beauty and wisdom of the classical world. Idealism and order in life, noble inspiration in thought, good taste in arts, heroism in actions, and refinement in cultural norms are all outstanding values of the human spirit, which the foundation wishes to incorporate as it principal mission.

Our Mission

Subsidize and Promote

To subsidize and promote the production and development of artistic activities in a vast range of disciplines throughout the Americas.


To foster cultural/artistic exchange between the US and Latin America.


To provide educational opportunities to both Latin American and North American artists.

Ariel Beneficiaries

Young, individual Latin-American artists, and non-profit organizations whose objectives are to enhance, promote, and expand cultural arts and exchange by devotion to their disciplines and enhancement of their professional acumen.

How we select our projects

“Ariel” must receive a plan or project which will be presented to a qualifying commitee. This project, must be submitted in writing, detailing the name of the individual or organization, and an outline of the project and the goals. Project materials must include a personal artistic history, portfolio or curriculum vitae for individuals, with a brief description of how past activities would enhance the growth and development of the project. Ariel aims to approve projects at all artistic levels, without exclusions, with the sole condition that these projects enhance the cultural quality and growth of the arts and culture for the individual or oganization.

“Ariel” will establish qualifying committees or selection panels, made up of individuals who excel in their respective fields of endeavor. These committees will act as juries and consider all received applications. Those applicants who meet the established criteria and whose projects are considered of great value to the development of the Latin American arts, will be awarded either scholarships or grants. The committee may support only some variation of that request as deemed appropriate by the jury. The committee will include members from all artistic disciplines, with the Chairman for each project having the closest expertise to the discipline being funded.

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